Tomas Reindl (1971) is a musician, multi-percussionist and composer from Prague, Czech Republic. He began as a rock drummer but switched to jazz and ethnic percussion later. Tomas specializes to many kind of percussion and ethnic instruments and techniques, especialy indian tabla, arabic drums, didjeridu, overtone singing, medieval dulcimer, ancient clarinet, etc. He is probably the only percussionist in Czech Republic playing tabla and Indian Classical music professionally.
     In his compositions he is often drawing inspiration from ancient musical cultures and spiritual music, as well as taking advantage of modern "realtime-looping" techniques and electronics.
     He graduated at Electrotechnical faculty of West Bohemian University, than he studied percussion at the Pilsen Conservatory and continued privately with jazz drummer Ivan Audes.
     Since 1998 he has devoted himself to playing the tabla and the Indian classical music. He realized two educational travels to India, his teacher is tabla maestro Sanju Sahai, the leading performer of the prestigious Benares Gharana (lineage) of tabla playing.
     At present time he is studying composition at Music academy (AMU) in Prague.


In the past:

- rock band NASTŘIŽENÉ VLASY (prize"Zlatý Ambrož 92", Grammy nomination´93)
- black theather IMAGINACE Prague(1997)
- musical EVITA (1998-2000) - drumset
- musical "JUNO A AVOS" (1999)
- member of PRAGUE SWING ORCHESTRA (1999-2002)
- Iva Bitova (concert at festival Boskovice 2000)
- v r.2000 T.R. founded trio KUMURA
- SCHOLA SPECIALIS - medieval music
- music therapy workshops through Europe with SAVITA project, (Ivo Sedláček, Gejza Timčák)
- cooperation with chinese singer Feng-Jün Song
- West bohemian philharmonic orchestra and Theatre of J.K.Tyla in Pilsen
- group ŠUM SVISTU of Daniel Nekonecny
- etno-jazz trio SHANTI - with Petr Kroutil (bansuri, sax) and Ondrej Kabrna (keyboards)
- bigbands and Saint Blaize Bigband
- etno-elektronic group AL-YAMAN

- dramaturgy of concert series World Music Thursdays at Vysehrad (Prague)



- film soundtrack "5.červenec" (dir.Ladislav Ondracek)

- cooperation on live music of performance FÉNIX - dir. Antonie Svobodová (2002)

- original soundtrack for theather performance FOR PHOOLAN ( Roxy - NOD Prague, 2004)

- original soundtrack for theather performance"Tři Rýžová zrnka" (Strasnicke divadlo, Prague2005)

- participation on soundtrack for "Cikánská svita" (2008) - režie: Ivana Hessová

- original soundtrack for theather performanceJak je důležité míti Filipa (Kladno theather 2008) -r. Irena Žantovská

- original jingles and promotional music for Ethno radio

- original soundtrack for the modern balet Zahrada soch (Theather of Opera and Balet Usti nad Labem, 2010)

- music for theather performance "Ale predevsim spolecnou postel..." (live performed chansons on poetry of Marina Cvetajeva) - 2010


Present time:

- one-man-performance OMNION

- composing and recording original music - samples here...

- cooperation with Amit Chatterjee (New York/Calcutta) - guitar/sitar player and singer, world-known especially from his long time cooperation with great Joe Zawinul

- Shahab Tolouie Trio (flamenco/persian fusion)

- musical cooperation with Radio Ethno

- kathak dance grou DAMARU

- concerts of indian classical music (with esraj player Elena Kubickova and sitar players Amite Chatterjee and Edward Powell

- cooperation with jazz musicians: Milan Svoboda, Radek Krampl, Jana Koubková and others...

- TELLEMARKK (with Dorota Barova and Pavel Hruby)

- occasional cooperation with "early music" ensembles MUSICA FLOREA and COLLEGIUM MARIANUM and contemporary music orchestra Berg

- workshops and seminars (indian rhythms and tabla playing, Rhythms of the East, Universal Rhythm)

- occassional etnomusicology seminars at Universita Carolina, Prague




as main artist:

- Nastrizene Vlasy (1993), The Best of Plzen
- Kumura - 000
- Kristián (musical of Krystof Marek)
- Didymos - Mini CD
- Al-Yaman - Hurria
- Ivo Seláček/T.Reindl - Chakra Breathing (2005)
- Elena Kubičková/T.Reindl - Indian Ragas (2004)
- Amit Chatterjee - Ocean On Fire (2006)
- - Angels Crying in My Head… (2006, featuring Tony Laktos)
- Amit Chatterjee Alliance - We Call It Maze (2007)
- Elena Kubičková/T.Reindl - Indian Ragas (2009)
- Shahab Tolouie Trio - Tango Perso (2009)
- Amit Chatterjee - Ragas for Meditation and Love (2009)
- LIMBO - Out of Body (2009)
- VIBE FANTASY TRIO (R.Krampl, P. Dvorský, T.Reindl) (2010)
- AL-YAMAN - Insanya (2010)
- Tomáš Reindl/Irena Žantovská - Zahrada soch (2010)

As a guest:

- Odyssea Acoustic - Když jsem Tě česal
- Free Flying
- Cartoonage - Znamení a Zázraky
- Ritornello - Karel Holan Rovenský (baroque music)
- Richard Pachman - Mistr Jan Hus (2005)
- Chinaski - Music Bar (2005)
- David Uličník - Hladina Zvlněná (2006)
- Jaroslav Svěcený/Richard Pachman - Colours (2006)
- Aneta Langerová - Jsem (2009)
- Tomáš Liška - Invisible World(2009)



Kumura - 000 - (kompletní produkce CD)
Elena Kubičková/T.Reindl - Indian Ragas (2004) - (kompletní produkce CD)
Amit Chatterjee - Ocean On Fire (2006) - (koprodukce, mixing)
Amit Chatterjee Alliance - We Call It Maze (2007) - (koprodukce, recording, mixing)
Škumíci - Světlonoš (2008) - (koprodukce, recording, mixing)
Elena Kubičková/T.Reindl - Indian Ragas (2009) - (kompletní produkce CD)
Amit Chatterjee - Ragas for meditation and Love
El Tenere - mixing cd
Tomáš Reindl/Irena Žantovská - Zahrada soch (2010) (produkce, recording, mixing)



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