Tomas Reindl

music creator


Composer, multi-instrumentalist and tabla player based in Prague, Czech Republic. In his music, he crosses the genre borders regularly, also, he often draws inspiration from ancient musical cultures of both East and West. At the same time, he takes advantage of modern compositional methods and electronics. (see full CV here...)

Projects and cooperation:

- live solo project OMNION

- "classical music" composition

- original soundtrack

- indian classical music

- teaching and workshops


Other projects and colaboration:

TELLEMARKK, NAKARA, INGREDIENTE, Amit Chatterjee (India/US), as well as: Shahab Tolouie (Írán), Pavel Fajt & Gathering of Drummers, Lenka Lichtenberg (Canada), 
Yair Dalal (Izrael), BERG orchestra, Musica Florea.

(see projects)


Participate on

online listening test

of emotional responses to selected samples of North Indian ragas

All of the sound examples were recorded by sitar maestro and singer from India, Mr. Amit Chatterjee (now living in New York/US).

Test is a part of research project
“Microtonality of indian classical music and its psychological aspects”
at Music faculty of Academy of performing arts, Prague, Czech Republic.



The book of T.Reindl just released:

INDIAN RHYTHMIC SYSTEM: A source of inspiration for western composers

(in czech language)



World premiere of new composition of Tomas Reindl JOGA:

Joga is special melodrama for Guru, Orchestra and Yogis.

Role of Guru is played by legendary czech opera singer Sona Cervena.




New Christmass meditative sound composition
made for Czech Radio:


... listen and read the informations....


... article about the composition released in Spain ...


Tomáš Reindl:



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