Workshop of Tomas Reindl

Introduction into indian and middle eastern rhythmic systems
and percussion instruments


- hindustani (north indian) and carnatic (south indian) rhythmic system

- indian rhythm cycles (tala) and how to count them

- recitation of rhythms with special sylebles (bol)

- simple compositions from both (north and south) traditions

- polyrhythmic paterns and compositions (tihai and chakradar)

- introduction into indian tabla drumming (basic strokes and its names, basic compositions)

- kanjira (south indian special tamburin)

- middle eastern rhythmic system and basic dance rhythms

- darbuka - basic strokes and its names

- odd rhythms in indian and middle eastern drumming and how to count them (5/4, 7/8, 9/8)

- other instruments (riq, frame drums, bendir)

Tutor: Tomáš Reindl





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